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Coffee Catch Up

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Hey friends! It’s been a while and it’s been a crazy summer. Can we catch up? How about some coffee. Or maybe you’re a cup of tea. Or like my hubby, you’re a hot chocolate kind of morning drink. Heck, you could be a coffee and baileys person. You’re definitely my person. Let’s catch up.


Happy Sunday. Welp, there’s no new episode of Game of Thrones tonight, so if you’re a fan perhaps this Sunday is not so happy. Womp Womp.

For the Game of Thrones finale we had a little watch party at our place. Smoked ribs…if you saw my super glamorous (aka no make up, husband putting crazy filters on my head type of glam) Facebook live video, you already knew that. My favorite Spicy Thai Coleslaw was dished up, too. Oh, and this pretty rad cake.

Coffee Catch Up

It’s a Dragonscale Cake from Liv for Cake. I used my red velvet cupcake recipe for the inside of the cake and a ‘from the hip’ buttercream on the outside. It was a big hit.

Coffee Catch Up

P.S. I took these photos with iPhone 7 Plus…not too shabby eh? Nice work iPhone. Oh, and I had a very special helper in the kitchen that day. Every time we had an ingredient to add, she was all like, “my turn, my turn.” Ugh, my heart melted. Like a big puddle of dipping chocolate. Wearing mama’s favorite polka dot apron and everything. Can it all be this sweet?

Coffee Catch Up

30 days of vegan

There’s this other fun thing going on this month. This summer could seriously be classified as “The Summer of Cheat.” All the snacks. It’s been great. And especially tasty.

But…it’s time for a reset. So I’m kicking it Fall semester of junior year style and going vegan. Just for the month of September and not the whole semester. Well, I guess let’s see what happens. Two days down, twenty-eight to go. So far…tasty eats.

Lots of quinoa and veggies and beans and banana bread so far. Stay posted on what’s on the menu on my Instastory.


Friday, four fantastic friends punched out for the night to hang out in my beloved Fenway Park with the talented Lady Gaga. It was ???? . A night out with some of the best friends a girl could ask for, possibly a few too many cocktails, and a truly phenomenal performance. Regardless of your view on pop music or Lady Gaga’s eccentric take sometimes, you have to admit one thing….girl’s gotta set of pipes.

While her early albums are some of my favorite songs in her repertoire, the music from Joanne was very raw and performed beautifully. Several times she left us…well, I’d say teary eyed but it was a little closer to bawling. But who better to shed a heart felt tear in public than your best pals? ????

When’s the last time you hung out with your best pals? So refreshing for your mind and soul. Just do it. Get a date on the calendar. Go out or stay in wearing your favorite sweat pants. Laugh and hug, maybe cry a little, but reconnect.

Kind of like this coffee catch up. What’s going on on your side of the screen? What’s keeping you busy? Weighing you down? Lifting you up? Let’s reconnect.


Coffee Catch Up


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