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5 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

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Oh New Years….we’ve made it down the home stretch of holidays. We’ve eaten the snacks, we drank the wine, we exchanged the gifts. As one year comes to a close, we reflect on the ups and downs the last year has brought. In these last few days before the start of the new year, many of us are looking forward to the rebirth of a new year – and by rebirth, I mean light most of 2016 on fire. I’m kidding, kind of. No matter your feelings on 2016, we all have a chance to do things a little different for the next 365 days.

What are your goals for this upcoming year? Are they broad and unattainable like my desire to get a 6-pack? Or to only eat raw food every day? Or to be a better person? Though resolutions are achievable for some, some of us need to start smaller and commit to a little change every day. If we can pick one thing and commit to just that little adjustment, we can make a year-long impact in our lives. I can’t prove it scientifically, but I’ve got a real good feeling your going to be happier if even just a smidge at the end of 2017. So why not start your New Years with small changes? That’s my plan and if you’d like it to be your plan too, here are a few small ideas for achievable New Year’s Resolutions.

Complement a stranger

This is by far my favorite thing. It’s simple and its free. It actually occurred to me last night at the pharmacy while purchasing some infant tylenol for my little under the weather pipsqueak. The cashier complemented my outfit, saying it was very cute and fit me very well. After a polite exchange and transaction, we parted ways and while sitting in the car I realized how much of an impact stranger complements have had on me. I seriously remember so many of them. And though I dish them out as much as I can, I’m committed to doing it more. Whether it’s a complement on a pair of boots or hair or smile, what have you, it’s going to impact his or her day.

Perhaps it’s a byproduct of living in the Northeast. Saying hello to a passing stranger on the street is mind-boggling for most of us. A really great gal from Texas that I had the pleasure of partying with at a destination wedding says she does that just to freak people out when she travels to Boston for work, which personally I find hilarious. But really, to complement a stranger truly isn’t hard and is a perfectly acceptable break in the stranger social barrier we tend to keep up. Go on, make someone’s day!

Hold more doors

This is pretty dang simple and along the same lines as complementing strangers, but in a world where we spend more time with our faces in our phones, hold more doors. Even if they break social etiquette and don’t hold the door in return or say thank you. But why? Because it’s just a nice thing to do, and this world needs more niceness.

Commit to spending more time with people you like

Now don’t go and quit your job because you can’t stand anyone you work with. Are you guilty of always saying, “We should hang out!” “Let’s get together soon!” “I miss you, why don’t we see each other more?!” Well, put it on the damn calendar. It’s easy to say these non-committal statements especially if they are true. But seriously, if you truly miss this person take 5 minutes, get your phone out and schedule a day and time to get together. This was my resolution for 2016 and it’s really been a great commitment of spending time with more people I really care about. What’s better than having a good time and getting stuff done?

Drink more water

Sounds silly right? But it’s so good for yooouuuu. No really, it’s such an easy adjustment and I’m sure most of us, myself included, could commit to getting a little more H2O in our systems. If you’re having a hard time, I recommend keeping track. Make water goals. By noontime, drink 1 quart of water, and another quart by 4pm….and so on and so on until you hit your goal. Whatever works best for your schedule. Perhaps you need to up the ante on your water vessel. It looks a little ridiculous but I like to drink out of a quart mason jar, granted I’m in the privacy of my own home, but it not only helps me keep track but I commit myself to drinking 4 of them a day. Even if indulgence takes over my good intentions for healthy eating that day, if my water goal is hit I don’t beat myself up about it.

Watch more documentaries

Not going to lie, I totally saw this on a New Year’s Resolutions list so I can’t claim any credit for it, but I love it. While brainstorming for this list of achievable resolutions, I was thinking how nice it is to say, “I want to learn something new every day.” But it’s incredibly unrealistic. I mean, you might. Learn a new skill, a new shortcut in your commute to work, a new person you positively cannot stand. You could make a resolution to read more, but you hate reading. Or to take a class, but you can’t really afford it right now. Or to go to more museums, but you’re working three jobs. Well if you appreciate unwinding at the end of the day with a little Netflix (or your streaming program of choice), try turning on a documentary over the latest recommended binge at the office. Maybe not every night because Fuller House right? But perhaps once a week or every other week if you’re not much of a TV watcher. Don’t know where to start? Well, considering this is mostly a food blog, I recommend starting with Jiro Dreams of Sushi and if you like that try Chef’s Table (same director), and More than Honey (because the bees are important and we should be worried they are disappearing.)

No matter your resolutions for a better/more productive/happier/healthier/what-have-you year, I truly wish all of you a great upcoming year. Whether your resolutions are small changes like above or major life adjustments, stay committed. Because, like cooking, you have to get the pan out first before you can make anything. Internet hugs to you all! (Can you feel it? It was a good one.)

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Tuesday 27th of December 2016

such a great post, have a great new year's!


Monday 26th of December 2016

These are great resolutions. I do always try to eat better and get back into the gym after the holiday but it's not a resolution of mine. Mine is to spend time with my family and dog more this year actually!!


Tuesday 27th of December 2016

Those are great too!!! I'm sure both will appreciate it ☺️